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Here at Captain Rapps, LLC Fishing Charter and Guides, we have a few awesome products that we use every day on our charters that we highly remommend to our customers. They stand up to the abuse we put them through. We particularlly love these companies and their products because they stand behind them. In plain english, they work great and certainly make our lives a bit easlier. We at Captain Rapps, LLC unequivocally recommend these compaines and their products.


Grizzly coolers Made in Decorah, Iowa USA. Grizzly coolers are indeed high end "Super coolers", and they back them up with a lifetime guarantee. We all use them in our boats for our charters, in our trucks for hauling bait, and by our pools for beverages.  These extreme coolers always impress us with how they hold up to the hot florida sun and extreme beatings we give them. Once they get cold, they stay cold! After one day of being iced down, we usually only add more ice about every other day in our hot 90's days. During milder weather, sometimes we go 3 or more days before adding more ice. Captain Rapps, LLC and our captains using Grizzly Coolers highly recommend them! Check them out for yourself at



Gamma fishing line fluorocarbon braidGamma lines are made in the USA by Black Knight Industries, a small family owned business located in Oil City, Pennsylvania. Scientific word like “Molecular Alteration” and “Nanotechnology” are probably pretty important to some people, and they certainly sound good to us, but in all seriousness, we just love how these lines hold up to the abuse we put them through day in and day out. Abrasion resistance,  strength, shock resistance, and flexibility are what is important to us. Weather fighting a 170 tarpon with drags clamped down tight, or pulling a big ole' Redfish out from the sharp mangrove roots and oyster bars, we rely on Gamma fluorocarbon and braid to get the job done for us and our clients every day. Captain Rapps, LLC and our captains using using Gamma fishing lines highly recommend them. Check them out for yourself at




power pole jl marine shallow water anchorPower Pole anchor systems are Manufactured by JL Marine Systems in Tampa, FL. We could not be any happier with a product and this company in whole. Power Pole anchors stand up as advertised... "Swift, Silent, & Secure". We have had various models from 6'-10' on many different boats over the years. It is amazing to think that back in the day, we actually fished the shallow waters without them. I have to brag about the customer support at JL Marine Systems... it is second to none!  If I ever need a new part, they send it out over night so I have it in my hands the very next morning. All boats fishing the shallow waters absolutely need a Power Pole! We hightly recommend you do business Power Pole / JL Marine Systems. Check them out for yourself at