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Dr. Lee Weiss


I recently had the pleasure of a fishing charter with Captain Pete Rapps.  I have gone with many fishing charters in this area, however, this time I had a special need that Captain Rapps fulfilled so well.  I wanted to expose my grandchildren who were ages 5 & 6 to fishing for the first time.   I was concerned that they would get bored easily and not have a good experience.  I decided to book the charter from Chokoloskee for only a half day and actually expected that we would come back earlier as I thought that my grandchildren would not have the attention span to stay out too long.

I was amazed how Captain Rapps understood the need of making the kids really enjoy their first fishing experience.  From the moment they got on his boat, Captain Rapps focused all his attention on keeping them busy and involved with all the aspects of boating, fishing and the marine life around them.  The kids were totally amazed and enthralled the entire trip.

To my amazement , we got on the boat at 8 Am and did not return to the dock until 3:30 and even at that late hour, the children kept saying:  "we don't want to go back.....we want to fish more"

It was a pleasure to be with not only an excellent guide, but an individual who goes out of his way in all respects, to please his clients.  I am anxious to go with Captain Rapps again in the future and be catered to as he catered to my grandchildren.

Dr. Lee Weiss
Fort Lauderdale, Florida