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If I book a charter, who will I be going out with?

The online booking calendar on this site gives you the option for booking any of the available TOP NOTCH guides in our fleet. We all fish from similar boats, in the same areas, for the same species, with the same first class equipment. We also have the ability to book multiple captains for larger groups. Use the contact form if you have questions that cannot be answered here on the FAQ page. We promise to get back with you quickly.

Do you have photos of your boats?

Yes, you can view all of the boats in our fleet on our Fleet page.

Is the online Booking / Availability calendar accurate?

Yes, the online booking calendar is updated daily. If you see your desired date available, go ahead and book it right here online 24/7 before someone else snags it.

Your schedule looks pretty booked up.  I really want to go out with you in the next few days.

I apologize in advance if you see your desired dates marked as “booked” on our availability calendar. Many of our regular customers book us far in advance.  My advice is to book as soon as you know your desired date, even if it is a few months in advance. Use the contact form if you want to inquire about a last minute booking. I promise to get back with you quickly.

I want to bring my wife but she does not want to fish all day.  Will she be bored?

We guarantee she won’t be bored! Many of my charters are a combination of sightseeing and fishing. We stay within the Everglades National Park for 100% of the trip. There is so much nature to see! We cater our trips to the wants and desires of every group. We can head back to the dock any time you want. Remember, It’s your day!

Can I take my child or grandchild?

Of course well behaved kids are welcome! We love teaching kids how to fish! The key to taking kids fishing is getting them reeling in fish ASAP! They don’t need big ones - It’s all about quantity, not quality when it comes to fishing with children.  We have some great spots within a few minutes of the dock that will keep them busy. Bring your camera….. they will have a blast!

What about restrooms?

Fortunately the Park service maintains many island camps with Port-a-Johns within the Everglades National Park. We are typically very close to one of these just about everywhere we travel during the day. We usually need just a 10 minute “heads up” to get you to one. We use them every day.

I get seasick real easy….. How rough will it be?

We fish in the shallow back waters and near shore areas of the 10,000 islands in the Everglades National Park, and the protected bridge area of the Bahia Honda State Park. If the wind kicks up a little, we can always find a calm area. If the wind is predicted to be too strong to have a comfortable day, we will postpone or cancel the trip.

What about the weather?

Since the weather changes every day, We like to discuss the report a day or so before your charter. We are not one of those captains that goes out no matter what. If we think the weather or wind will effect fishing or your day in a negative way, let’s talk about it and possibly reschedule! We want your day to be enjoyable! We don’t need to fight wind or inclement weather!

I once had a bad experience with a charter captain that was rude, used foul language, had no personality, and was very impatient.  What’s your take on that?

We hate to hear those stories, but unfortunately hear about them all the time! No worries when you go out with us! First and foremost, this is YOUR day to enjoy, and we are here to create the most positive experience possible. Our job is to make a fantastic memory for you that will last a lifetime! We love to teach, know how to listen, and love to laugh. Our business is built on repeat customers and referrals. Bring your camera and let’s go have a blast!

Mosquitoes! I hear that they are awful out there!

Really, no lie, we typically do not have a problem with them on our charters. The mosquitoes that we get down here are mostly in the summer rainy months. Mosquitoes are not out on the open water looking for a human to prey on. They are hanging close to the mangrove islands and will only come out if your scent is blowing into the mangroves. We pay close attention to this and will position the boat to be on the lee side of the mangroves where our scent is blowing away from them.

What type of fishing gear do you use? Do you ever fly fish?

We use 100% spin casting gear including top of the line reels like Penn, Fin-nor, Shimano, & Quantum  Over the years we have found that the spin casting equipment is the most user friendly and reliable equipment to use on our charters. We have had problems with customers fouling bait casters, so we have discontinued supplying them. Since we consider ourselves spin cast experts, we specialize in that. Fly fishing is a specialty within itself - I appoligize but we do not fly fish on our charters.

Can I bring my own rod?

Sure! If you have a favorite light tackle rod and reel, bring it for sure!

I am not looking for a trophy, I just want to have a nice day on the water.

We cater to everyone from the hardcore experienced angler, to people who have never held a fishing rod before. We enjoy taking all types of people out, and customize YOUR DAY to your desires. Honestly as experienced anglers know, trophy fish are hard to come by anyway. The more open and flexible you are, the better your chances of catching more fish.

What if I do catch a trophy fish and can I get a replica mount of my fish?

We can measure up your fish and order a custom made replica of any fish you catch, record or not, through Grey Taxidermy.

I want to bring my 150 qt cooler and stuff it full of fillets!

We are fishing in a National Park, so please consider keeping only what you can eat in a meal or two. Our Tarpon charters are "catch and release" only.

Do you clean any fish we keep?

Absolutely! We will clean your catch for you at the dock. We have zip lock bags ready to go.

Will we have cell reception on your boat?

No, unfortunately most of the areas we fish are out of cell range.

What should I bring?

We supply all fishing gear including bait and tackle. We also supply fishing licenses, fuel, and insurance. We have a cooler with Ice that fits on my boat perfectly. If you bring a cooler, we can transfer it’s contents into my boat’s cooler. All you will need to bring is drinking water, food, proper clothing, sunscreen, sunglasses and a camera. We will email you a check list when you book your charter.

I see you limit the amount of alcohol that can be brought on your boat. What's that all about?

Hey, we are all about having fun, but we do have some basic rules on the boat. The majority of my guests “get it” but there is the occasional one that "doesn't get it". As far as alcohol, Please limit 2 per person. We are all about a celebratory brewski on the way in, but we no longer babysit loud or obnoxious passengers. But this won’t be a problem with you because I’m sure you “get it”.... right?

Is there a restaurant that will cook our catch?

Yes! All of the restaurants will cook your catch. On Chokoloske Island, try Havana Cuban cafe. In Everglades City try Island Grill, Camilia St Grill, City Seafood, or triad Seafood.

Where do you recommend we stay at?

Most of our customers stay at the below places when fishing with us on our Everglades City and Chokoloskee Charters in the 10000 islands. Click on their names to be directed to their web pages.

THE IVEY HOUSE HOTEL: If you are wanting to stay in a hotel room, with breakfast served, & a nice swimming pool, then I recommend THE IVEY HOUSE HOTEL in Everglades City. It is just a few minutes from the docks.

CHOKOLOSKEE ISLAND PARK: This is where we meet for our charters starting from Chokoloskee. They have very nice and clean efficiency units with a bedroom, bathroom, living room, and kitchen.
Camping is also available here.